Saturday, 24 September 2011


Hellooo, I know I said I'd post everyday but to be honest this week wasn't the best for me to decide to blog everyday! That's because it's freshers! :D woo! This week has probably been on of the most tiring weeks ever but so much fun! haha that sounds weird, but seriously it's been so good to meet new friends etc.

So next week hopefully I can blog everyday and see how it pans out. That's all for now at the moment :) Have more to say sooooooooooooon! xxx

Saturday, 17 September 2011

It's time for a change

At the moment my blog is worse than usual. This is due to the fact that whenever I logged onto blogger, I saw how good everyone else's blog was and felt disapointed in mine haha. And I really didnt like the name "Sweet Little Rmablings" anymore - it just sounded childish and just generic. So I thought I'd try and reinvent my blog. Hence a new name "The 'C' Collection". It tells you why I thought this name up in the description but soon I'll create a proper title logo with it all included. For now it's a temporary solution.

Also I was reading my previous posts and had a massive cull. I went a bit crazy and deleted the pointless posts I didn't like etc haha. New start with university and all the jazz kicking in. So yeah starting different style posts from now on and shizz. Going to try out doing some outfit posts/more hauls but still with not the total focus being on fashion. This way if I'm not as good with the outfit posts as other fashion posts such as Lily at LLYMLRS , Kelly at  A Twenty Something and Charlotte at Girl Next Door Fashion, it's not totes disastous ;) haha. (sorry for the links, they're my favourite blogs) So yeah, this is a very focused post for me and sounds really professional for a blog with one follower! I still love you follower!

If any one chances across this blog, please comment and tell me how you think I could improve or what you'd like to see in a blog.

Love xxxx

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Welcome to my world

Long time no see :) I never forgot about my blog, I just didn't think what I could of wrote on that day would have been worthwhile. I've kept reading the posts of blogs I follow and also having the occasional tumblr stalk. haha. Hence why I'm now going to post some of my favourite tumblr photos in this post!
I have nothing to say reaally, just that I wish it would be autumn now. The summer weather is depressing which means we have the dilemna of "its cold so I need to dress for warmth" and "its still august I should be dressing in summer dresses" aaarrgh. What are you supposed to do?!
Anyways I hope everyones well and safe (:  loooveee xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

too cool for school

(via jessie baylin: tumblr)

I love this photograph. To me it screams 'too cool'. It reminds me of a rock, hippy, carefree lifestyles and whether you see it or not, of americans. It just seems to suggest american rock times.  I wish I was like this/friends with people like her! haha!
Summer's weather is being a bit depressing as of late - it's july, wheres the eternal sunshine? ha. just realised how cheesy that sounds. sorry. anyways i'm hoping for future hot weather but not unbearably hot! off to get a drink and have a nosy on the twitterweb! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Primark Hauuuuul

Hello loveliees :)

Here is my primarrk haul from early last week :) I didn't buy much but I wanted to do a post cos you know :L haha

I love this top like super much :D its so pretty and floaty and girly! I wanted one for ages but I didnt want to send a lot in case they didnt suit me. *TA DA* off to primark I went and baam beautiful top for a reaally reasonable price :) Its a pale pink colour and sheer (: don't worry I wore a black vest top underneath so no exposure ;) hahahahaha! I wore this out on a night out so I'll do a seperate post for that soon. I loved this top so much I bought it in cream and I think it looks totally different when worn in the "same" outfit haha waa :)

This bow was not much at all and the pretty flowery detail was calling out to me! haha! I haven't worn it yet but I think I might put it on a bag for a customised kitsh look :) <3

The ring is actually quite big! It's quite attention grabbing cos its so big haha :D I love this turqiouse colour so summery yet is not full pow summer that if it was cloudy I'd love ridic :L haha! I'm such an overanalyser seriously.

Well anyways I did say I'd post this yesterday but I was tired so I did it tonight :)
Hope you all had a great bank holiday day/weekend?
Loveee xox


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Things currently making me a happy bee :)

These are a few things that have brightened up this week :) as I have been struck down with the dreaded cold! Aargh. I even had it when we experienced the laaaavely weather this weekend :/ boo! Though it's clearing up now so I will be a happy bee all the time, once more :)

1. These shoes I absolutely love! My auntie bought me them but the only teeny tiny problem is that they are a bit too small! :( not so good. BUT I refused to be beaten by tiny shoes! haa! I'm normally a 5/6 and these are a 5 (even if they look bigger on here ahah) but I felt it was rude to complain cos they were a gift. :) so they will be my perfect going-out-for-meals shoes :) where minimal standing and walking is required ahah!

2. This colour is a perfect grey colour with a slight blue tinge :) Howeverr on this photo it looks blue :( I don't know what actually happened with it aha! But it's rimmel 60 second nail varnish in grey matter if any one was wonderingg :)

3. Nina by Nina Ricci :) LOVE LOVE LOVE! my only real perfume and I love it so much (: mmm so fruity. makes me feel all summery.

4. New issue of Elle :) the May one! Gotta love a bit of elle reading, cheers me up wheneverr :) And just had to show yous the pack of tissues that have been superglued to my hand all week and last :L hah! well tbh not technically this pack cos I've used severaaaal ;) haha!

5. Natural Collection in Clear :) This is a great cheap and cheerful nail varnish! Perfect for use as a base coat and also a top coat too! (: loovely stuff guyss!

So yeaaah this is a few of my fav things guyss :L I'm thinking of doing more outfit photos if you think they will be good :) Need to work on my photographing noww! :L haa! :) Any comments and thoughts are mucho appreciated :)

Enjoy this weeek! xoxoxoox

Monday, 11 April 2011

it's a new dawn, it's a new day

"And the bad blogger award goes too....." MEE!
I just wanna say a huuuge sorrry for my shockingly lack of blogging :( I mean it's not like I've been super busy or anything, more just busy aha :) so what's new you ask? (or don't but I'm just saaying) well I'm a year older and... well thats preetty much it all! haha. However my busyiness has been to do with this said birthday :) which is two weeks ago this week! ahhhhhh as if it's been that long already :( well that week flew by in a blur of presents, goings out, partying and going out with family! Then the cold and illness hit me. and so I've been slogging (haha what a funny word) along this past week, only trying to do the bare minimum.

BUT enough with the yadda yadda, whilst I've been away I've realised I'm really bored with this whole annomity situ :| so I've decided I'm just gonna be myself aha, alreeeet? :) so to kick start this process, any questions you would like me to answerrr? or anthing you wanna know? :)

Also in regards to modelling outfits, I still don't think I'm gonna model them as I'm not reaally comfortable with taking my own picture #major lack of self confidence. :L haha! and also you see this all the time on blogs so what would make mine worthwhile looking at?!

Soo I've decided to recreate my outfits in "2d" form, if you get me, on my bed :) this way I can arrange them how I want to be portrayed and if people rate them I could model them occasionally? up to you lovelies.

So first outfit is this laavely outfit that is super comfortable but has a slightly stylish element :)
**I do accesorise heavily but I just wanted to get your reactions to this before including la jewellery :)**

*Obviously the more I do theses posts, the better the photos will become! Haha!*

Well I've already done a fairly lengthly description of this top here so I don't really need to here haa :) The scarf is one I loove so much! I bought it last year in Londdooon so that's an extra reason why I love it. also I love H&M aha :) Quite a plain outfit, but hey its my first! ha

Remember to ask me anything you want to know! Enjoy your week! xoxoxox

Sunday, 27 March 2011

every little things gonna be alright

It's my birthday this weeeek! I've mentioned it before but to be honest I cannot wait. :) Hence the birthday pictureee :)
This year is a big birthday which is probably why I'm exxtra excited :) Got plans for most of this week with birthday related events :) queue meet up with friends on my birthday, meal with family, cocktails with the girls, out in town fridaay and then chill out with lazy catchups this weekend :) YAY! oh and then next week off out again to celebrate mine and my friends birthdaaays!
Also just want to say that I have made a kinda promise to myself that every blog post must include a picture of some sort just so it's not just text.

The things that I currently want so bad areeeee :
Basically any bag from the Choo 24:7 collection. Love the Rhys and the Rhea S :) tbh they're all beautiful!

Marc Jacobs Lola :)  It's so beautiful and summery :) I've tested Daisy but I can't really remember it so at the moment my favourite is Lola.
I really would love a scrabble necklace, would be amazing! :)

Theres lots of other things that I want but I felt this post was dragging on so I'll save my wants for my *new* monthly post of things that I want! In photoshop form I hope....

Enjoy this week, I know I will! Sorry in advance for lack of blogging as I don't know if I'll have the timeeee :)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

I won't ever be your cornerstone

 Thought i'd post a picture of the beautiful Kings of Leon. Aaaaah. I love this band so muuuuch :) I went to see them in concert last year and I've seen them at a vestival before too :) They've released five albums and they all have a slightly different sound to them so there's a high chance there is something everyone will love. Okay, over with the fan post, I just didn't know what to post so thought "hey, whatta bout some kol?" ha! actually I didn't say that in my head....
The countdown for my birthday is still on and it's so close! next weeeeek (L)
I'm off to bed now lovelies. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

I'm walking on sunshine

Hello lovelies! I'm so sorry for the lack of blogging. I've just not had the time which I know is a terrible excuse but I've only had the time to browse other blogs without writing my own.

I can't believe the weather today and yesterday! It's absolutely beautiful :D I walked home today from the bus and changed into a summer dress from my jeans! I felt so summery. It's also unheard of that I'm wearing a summer dress before my birthday! and we've only just entered spring :) I hope it continues! Though there has been rumours about cold weather returning.... booo!

On another note, it's my birthday next week! Aaaah! I'm so exciting! :) I've got so many lovely plans with my friends and family, lavely :) It's one of my best friends birthdays the day before mine so the day after mine, we (and a few friends) are going out for dinner and cocktails! Yum! I'll try get some photos of them for youuus :) And then on the friday, I'm going out with a big group of friends to celebrate! Eeeep excited.

Got some looovely ideas for the blog :) I'm thinking of doing a 'wish' post of things that I would love to own or things that I want to happen/do :) eeep. I think I'm going to do it in photo/picture form and maybe once a month to start off with :) Hopefully it will attract more traffic / followers :)

Hope you enjoy this week! xxxxx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

dancing in the rain

Wow, I haven't blogged in nearly a week. Not good. Sorry guys! :) Nothings really happened this week. Last weekend some of my family came up for the day and it was so lovely. Going to their house next weekend which will be nice, I miss my little cousins. This is the bad side of having family not living near you! Also this week I've been making plans for my birthday which is in two weeks time :D I'm so excited that I cannot wait, seriously. One of my best friends birthdays the day before mine but when I'm out for mine she's away so the week after we're all going out again for our joint birthday thingy. double partying ;) love it!
Two blogs that I'm really loving at the moment is Gavina at gvadlln and Cintia at Berries Love Beauty :) Check out their blogs!
Well anyways I'm going to bed with my cup of tea and April's Elle :) Enjoy the rest of your week! I hope I can blog more recently from now. Also got some exciting ideas concerning photos :) cos I feel like my blog is all text sometimes. I do try to include some of my own photos or ones that I love off the internet but I find it hard as most blogs include photos of the blogger whilst I like the anomity :) but now I really want to do my own style posts :/ hmm so confusing! Ideas appreciated lovelies

Monday, 28 February 2011

I don't feel like dancing

Today has been amazing :) loovely retail therapy with my best friends! they really know how to cheer me up! bought a looovely scarf from priiimark today and it's beautiful. It's quite large, shawl like really but I fold mine into a scarf :) I also bought some foundation today, my first ever. might seem a bit silly but I've really never felt the need to buy any haha. I know some girls love it but I was fine with my tinted moistoriser! haha.
So any way in regards to the blog title, I'm super tired at the moment but I thought I'd check my blog updates and do a little blog post :) Also bought a lovely cup of tea today  as it was freezing cold! I sound like an old woman but I'm just rediscovering my love of tea. I liked it when i was younger but went off it cos it was a bit samely. Now it's perfect when I'm out in the cold!
Also I'm sorry for the super small writing yesterday :/ I must have accidently changed it without realising! Back to normal now though. Thanks to Fashion Cappuccino for pointing that out to me :)
Would like to give a big shout out also to my first and only follower Rose Esprit :) I logged on this morning and it said "one follower" I was so happy I think I just sat here with a ridiculous grin on my face. So thank youu for making my day! :) Your blog is so cuteeee! Love it.
Better be off now, last day of the holidays tomorrow..I'm thinking loveely long lie in :)
Hope you all enjoyed your mondaay! xoxoxoxo

Friday, 25 February 2011

i can feel it in my fingers

Woah I'm posting two days in a row, it feels good. :) I know it's late but I thought I'd write a post so I can try blog daily. Ahh don't you just love the feeling of pvc drying on your fingers? No, I'm not going crazy I just decided to embrace some creativity today! I pulled out the stack of magazines that had been piling up under the pretence that I would read them again! I haven't! There were some from summer 2009 - that definetly urged me to put them to better use. Cue a night of cutting out cute sayings, timeless fashion and favourite articles. :) love it! I might make a poster with them all on. hmmm. Also I loved reading the "hot" stories from two years ago, was funny reading their predictions about what they believed would happen and whether they had done!
I spent today shopping, shopping, shopping :) it was bliss! Though I still have mountains of work to do :/ not good! Ahh well, I'll get in done - still got few days off :) YAY!
Tomorrow I'm out all day in town and hopefully I'll be meeting up with my friend that I haven't seen since last week! aha.
Currently thinking of a "signature" to put on the bottom of my blog - these are popular with some blogs but I couldn't decide whether I just follow with this. So I've decided to think of some designs and maybe trial them on a few blog posts and see if I like them :)
I'm so excited it's the weekend! Roll on the good times!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

dancing on my own

Ok ok ok I did think being on holiday would let me blog everyday but honestly I have just not found the time. I'm really sorry but I will try and blog daily from now; if not every day maybe every two days :) Monday was a blur, it was just a day for chillaxing and forgetting about work and exams. Yesterday, I went shopping with the family and bought some storage boxes for my bedroom and some photo frames for pictures from my holidays.
Sorry for the shortness of this post, I just haven't really done anything that interesting or bought anything that I thought you'd like to know about :)
Also you might have noticed that I've changed the fonts on the title and date etc, I just felt I needed to make my blog more "pretty". Even though it's still not that nice, it will motivate me to finally sort out the header! I'm thinking a black and white photo :)
Hope you're all having an amazing week! xoxoxoxo

Sunday, 20 February 2011

let us forget about the bad times

Short and sweet post today just to say I am so excited that it's the holidays. Proper needed a break too. Haven't got many concrete plans as of yet but hopefully it'll be the perfect time to go out with friends and get some shopping done. Also it might give me more time for blogging - maybe a post a day ;) haha.
One thing I would love to buy this week is some bright red lipstick. It's such a staple but I never knew if I would be able to pull it off. After much ooming and ahhing I've decided to go for it, just need to find a shade that I like now!
Hope you all have amazing plans for this week! xoxoxoxo