Thursday, 14 April 2011

Things currently making me a happy bee :)

These are a few things that have brightened up this week :) as I have been struck down with the dreaded cold! Aargh. I even had it when we experienced the laaaavely weather this weekend :/ boo! Though it's clearing up now so I will be a happy bee all the time, once more :)

1. These shoes I absolutely love! My auntie bought me them but the only teeny tiny problem is that they are a bit too small! :( not so good. BUT I refused to be beaten by tiny shoes! haa! I'm normally a 5/6 and these are a 5 (even if they look bigger on here ahah) but I felt it was rude to complain cos they were a gift. :) so they will be my perfect going-out-for-meals shoes :) where minimal standing and walking is required ahah!

2. This colour is a perfect grey colour with a slight blue tinge :) Howeverr on this photo it looks blue :( I don't know what actually happened with it aha! But it's rimmel 60 second nail varnish in grey matter if any one was wonderingg :)

3. Nina by Nina Ricci :) LOVE LOVE LOVE! my only real perfume and I love it so much (: mmm so fruity. makes me feel all summery.

4. New issue of Elle :) the May one! Gotta love a bit of elle reading, cheers me up wheneverr :) And just had to show yous the pack of tissues that have been superglued to my hand all week and last :L hah! well tbh not technically this pack cos I've used severaaaal ;) haha!

5. Natural Collection in Clear :) This is a great cheap and cheerful nail varnish! Perfect for use as a base coat and also a top coat too! (: loovely stuff guyss!

So yeaaah this is a few of my fav things guyss :L I'm thinking of doing more outfit photos if you think they will be good :) Need to work on my photographing noww! :L haa! :) Any comments and thoughts are mucho appreciated :)

Enjoy this weeek! xoxoxoox

Monday, 11 April 2011

it's a new dawn, it's a new day

"And the bad blogger award goes too....." MEE!
I just wanna say a huuuge sorrry for my shockingly lack of blogging :( I mean it's not like I've been super busy or anything, more just busy aha :) so what's new you ask? (or don't but I'm just saaying) well I'm a year older and... well thats preetty much it all! haha. However my busyiness has been to do with this said birthday :) which is two weeks ago this week! ahhhhhh as if it's been that long already :( well that week flew by in a blur of presents, goings out, partying and going out with family! Then the cold and illness hit me. and so I've been slogging (haha what a funny word) along this past week, only trying to do the bare minimum.

BUT enough with the yadda yadda, whilst I've been away I've realised I'm really bored with this whole annomity situ :| so I've decided I'm just gonna be myself aha, alreeeet? :) so to kick start this process, any questions you would like me to answerrr? or anthing you wanna know? :)

Also in regards to modelling outfits, I still don't think I'm gonna model them as I'm not reaally comfortable with taking my own picture #major lack of self confidence. :L haha! and also you see this all the time on blogs so what would make mine worthwhile looking at?!

Soo I've decided to recreate my outfits in "2d" form, if you get me, on my bed :) this way I can arrange them how I want to be portrayed and if people rate them I could model them occasionally? up to you lovelies.

So first outfit is this laavely outfit that is super comfortable but has a slightly stylish element :)
**I do accesorise heavily but I just wanted to get your reactions to this before including la jewellery :)**

*Obviously the more I do theses posts, the better the photos will become! Haha!*

Well I've already done a fairly lengthly description of this top here so I don't really need to here haa :) The scarf is one I loove so much! I bought it last year in Londdooon so that's an extra reason why I love it. also I love H&M aha :) Quite a plain outfit, but hey its my first! ha

Remember to ask me anything you want to know! Enjoy your week! xoxoxox