Sunday, 19 February 2012

Another ring, another day

I know I only just posted a haul that included two new rings but I saw this one the other day and fell in love! Its like a bunch of gem flowers on a ring aha. My camera decided the flash would be extra bright for it  - sorry! I also love how its cos a younger feel too it, feels a bit disney-esque paha. Goes beautifully with my pastel purple nails too :) ignore my hand and focus on the ring haa!

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Friday, 17 February 2012

Purple Rain

So this purple inspired post was actually just an excuse to show you my new nail varnish! It is such a gorgeous pastel perfect, it's perfect for the forthcoming summer trend :) It's a much stronger pastel perfect in real life but the flash doesn't work in its favour lool. So back to the actual nail varnish - it's 17's Lasting Fix in Woo Me. I actually bought this colour after it was reviewed in Look and saying how chip resistent it was and I needed a new colour to wear as I've become too addicted to Rimmel's Grey Matter (Seriously Beautiful btw!) I just love how summery I feel and the fact its purpleee eep!

I reeeally wanted to show the nail varnish but I didn't want to have a post just for it, so thought I'd pick three other purple things I'm loving right now! The Clean&Clear Dual Action Moisturiser is amaaaze-ing! My mum's being using it for years but I only used to borrow hers sometimes but now my face is getting drier (booo! It's already sensitive haha) I use it everyday! Love it! So light on the skin and my skin feels really soft after :) Btw the moisturiser isn't purple, it's just in a purple inspired bottle lolz.

I was helping my sister on her project when I found this ribbon on the floor and the colour was beautiful that I decided to find something to use it for! At the moment, I have nothing in mind but might use it as a bag decoration or something. Ideas welcome!

Lastly is the delicious 'Purple Rain' Wetherspoons Cocktail that provided the title for this purple post! I love purple rain and when we go to wetherspoons we often buy thiss :) I don't have a photograph of my own of Purple Rain but I went on the Wetherspoons website and got this one :)

Hope you enjoyed my purple post! xoxoxox

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Mini Haul

No. 7 Stay Perfect Damson Dream / Natural Collection Lipsticks in Rosebud, Biscuit and Sorbet / Mustard Ring / Bead Bracelets / Silver Leaf Ring / March Elle

Here is some photographs of a mini haul I bought the other week. I decided to buy a No. 7 nail varnish after I got a £5 off from Boots :) It makes No. 7 purchases more affordable! I love the colour of Damson Dream, it looks beautiful! I also have a growing obsession with buying lipsticks - dun dun durrrrrrn. Natural Collection is my current favourite as they're relatively cheap and really nourishing. And there's also so many colours! Rosebud is a lovely, pretty pink colour that reminds me of the pastel trend thats hitting the stores ready for spring! Biscuit is a more caramelly/golden colour, and it's such a different colour to my normal ones - love it. It's also good as the lipstick isn't full on brown, it's more hints :) Sorbet is actually a different style of lipstick to the others and is part of the sheer lipsticks collection :) Even though on the photos it looks quite bright and maybe a tad corally/orange its really light on your lips - kinda gives them a lip balm effect! :) pretty much makes them look in much better condition with a tiny hint of colour, love <3

I love rings so much, its another obsession! This mustard ring is so cool - It's quite big and a lovely colour with the ring bit being quite tortosieshelly in colour :) ranging from dark brown to light! I chose some bracelets with similar colours and they're beautiful - look expensive on too! The second ring is so cute and I love it so much! It's like two silver leaves entwined with gems that meet in the middle - perfect for nights out and glamming up an outfit for a meal :)

Lastly, I bought the new Elle magazine which is a monthly must for me! I started in 2010 and it's such a good magazine! I like the designer adverts too as they give me inspiration though unfortunately they do make me want to splash out on the clothes!! aha :)

Hopefully you like my purchases, sorry it was so long since last post - I did them take them the day after just took a while finding the time to upload them :(


Saturday, 4 February 2012

snow is falling, all around us

So it's snowing quite alot and I couldn't think of much to do on a Saturday night indoors so thought I'd do a bit of stuff on Photoshop :) love a bit of Photoshopping ha! Well anyways a while ago I decided to change my blog from the generic 'Sweet Little Ramblings' to a more personal blog name :) I just put the name in blogger text with a little description with the aim of doing it properly soon....months later I have finally done it! I love how it's more personal now and how I've made it myself. It was actually harder than it looks to make loool.

Hopefully it will give me the incentive to blog alot more often *fingers crossed*. Also, I'm going to try photograph some of my recent purchases to do a mini haul tomorrow woo :)


ps. sorry for the christmas song titled blog post but the lyric was suitable for today :)