Saturday, 24 September 2011


Hellooo, I know I said I'd post everyday but to be honest this week wasn't the best for me to decide to blog everyday! That's because it's freshers! :D woo! This week has probably been on of the most tiring weeks ever but so much fun! haha that sounds weird, but seriously it's been so good to meet new friends etc.

So next week hopefully I can blog everyday and see how it pans out. That's all for now at the moment :) Have more to say sooooooooooooon! xxx

Saturday, 17 September 2011

It's time for a change

At the moment my blog is worse than usual. This is due to the fact that whenever I logged onto blogger, I saw how good everyone else's blog was and felt disapointed in mine haha. And I really didnt like the name "Sweet Little Rmablings" anymore - it just sounded childish and just generic. So I thought I'd try and reinvent my blog. Hence a new name "The 'C' Collection". It tells you why I thought this name up in the description but soon I'll create a proper title logo with it all included. For now it's a temporary solution.

Also I was reading my previous posts and had a massive cull. I went a bit crazy and deleted the pointless posts I didn't like etc haha. New start with university and all the jazz kicking in. So yeah starting different style posts from now on and shizz. Going to try out doing some outfit posts/more hauls but still with not the total focus being on fashion. This way if I'm not as good with the outfit posts as other fashion posts such as Lily at LLYMLRS , Kelly at  A Twenty Something and Charlotte at Girl Next Door Fashion, it's not totes disastous ;) haha. (sorry for the links, they're my favourite blogs) So yeah, this is a very focused post for me and sounds really professional for a blog with one follower! I still love you follower!

If any one chances across this blog, please comment and tell me how you think I could improve or what you'd like to see in a blog.

Love xxxx