Sunday, 15 April 2012

Every little thing is gonna be all right

What is with the British weather at the moment!? Burning hot sunshine a few weeks ago made it seem that summer was most definitely on its way but now the temperatures dropped and we're back in the winter/early spring phase! I'm sad that it's cold again but at the same time it gives us more time to wear our winters clothes yaay :) but then again I wanna wear spring/summer trends! Dilemna! Well along with what clothes we choose to wear we need accessories to complete the look, hence why this is my current wish list!

1. I love these vintage style pumps, so chic and stylish! I couldn't decide which colour and style I prefer so naturally I had to feature both ;) even though these lean towards more of a wintery look, I'm sure they'll look amazee with cute florals and dresses!

2. I am in love with the Marc Jacobs Lola perfume, such a perfect scent and so summery and springy -love it!

3. Next are the most expensive items, the Mulberrys! I know the chances of me getting one of these is so slim, but a girl can dream can't she?! I love how there are so many styles on the high street that are inspired by the Alexa or are just similar! I love satchels and especially in any shade of brown! LOVE! The Bayswater is such a classic shape, I love it! I also love the Cookie Bayswater as it gives a classic bag a fresh twist/look.

4. My next summer-essential-wish list-pieces are Ray-Ban sunglasses! I've coveted these for ages but the price tag and the fact I don't know a shop that sells them which would mean I'd have to buy them online makes me rethink. But I want some soooo much! Though I'm torn between Clubmasters and Wayfarers; I've always lusted after the Wayfarers and never really given much thought to the other styles but someone said they wanted some Clubmasters and now I can't decide! Helppp meee! And does anyone know where you can buy genuine raybans? Like a shop? Thankssssss :)

So that is my current wish list, hope you liked it and have a great week! :) xxxxx