Sunday, 1 July 2012

Union Jack Nails

Sorry for the massive blogging break due to revision, exams, assignments and basically no time. This post is a different style to normal and really should have been posted when they were still current, aah well.  I love painted nails and  I have always been interested in nail art so as it was the Diamond Jubilee last week I decided to try something quite advanced - the Union Jack. I have done nail art before including flowers and paw prints (for my sister!). I 'm soo pleased with how they turned out, I love them! I tried them out first on my sisters much smaller nails and I loved how they looked so decided to take a risk and do my own. The risk paid off for me! I felt all British and Jubileeish!  It was hard and simple to do at the same time - I used a deep blue base coat and then painted a horizontal, vertical and two diagonal lines in a white. This created the borderlines of the flag. Then was the final red lines to complete it :)  Do you like my nails? Would you ever try to do them? I think I'm going to do them when it's the Olympics too!  Hope you've had a great week! xxxx

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Every little thing is gonna be all right

What is with the British weather at the moment!? Burning hot sunshine a few weeks ago made it seem that summer was most definitely on its way but now the temperatures dropped and we're back in the winter/early spring phase! I'm sad that it's cold again but at the same time it gives us more time to wear our winters clothes yaay :) but then again I wanna wear spring/summer trends! Dilemna! Well along with what clothes we choose to wear we need accessories to complete the look, hence why this is my current wish list!

1. I love these vintage style pumps, so chic and stylish! I couldn't decide which colour and style I prefer so naturally I had to feature both ;) even though these lean towards more of a wintery look, I'm sure they'll look amazee with cute florals and dresses!

2. I am in love with the Marc Jacobs Lola perfume, such a perfect scent and so summery and springy -love it!

3. Next are the most expensive items, the Mulberrys! I know the chances of me getting one of these is so slim, but a girl can dream can't she?! I love how there are so many styles on the high street that are inspired by the Alexa or are just similar! I love satchels and especially in any shade of brown! LOVE! The Bayswater is such a classic shape, I love it! I also love the Cookie Bayswater as it gives a classic bag a fresh twist/look.

4. My next summer-essential-wish list-pieces are Ray-Ban sunglasses! I've coveted these for ages but the price tag and the fact I don't know a shop that sells them which would mean I'd have to buy them online makes me rethink. But I want some soooo much! Though I'm torn between Clubmasters and Wayfarers; I've always lusted after the Wayfarers and never really given much thought to the other styles but someone said they wanted some Clubmasters and now I can't decide! Helppp meee! And does anyone know where you can buy genuine raybans? Like a shop? Thankssssss :)

So that is my current wish list, hope you liked it and have a great week! :) xxxxx

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

think one happy thought, and you'll fly like me

This is what I wore the other day :) It's my go to top and I love it so much! The top is a dark mustar colour and has lots of tiny blue and purple flowers all other! :) It also has my favourite style of the moment - a peter pan collar! Seriously I have such an obsession with peter pan collars at the moment :o The cardie is a navy colour and the perfect long length for throwing on outfits to finish them :) It's a lightweight material so not too warm for summer, but its warm enough for indoors in winter :) The gold detailed buttons are amazing! Add an unusual twist to a simple cardie! The ring is amazing and I featured it previously here :) Love the leaves joining, instead of a silver solid band :)

Hope these outfit snippets interest you, I think it might become a regular feature! Hopefully my photography will get better over time *sigh* Also I need to find a way to make them bigger without losing quality!

Anyways, enjoy the rest of your day lovelies xxxx

ps. The blog post title is a quote from Peter I'm featuring a Peter Pan collar ;) haha

Saturday, 17 March 2012

A Thousand Sorrys

SO ANNOYED RIGHT NOW!!!!! Just wrote a post all about my lack of blogging and how I will be back soon & then blogger signs me out and loses it all!!! :@ :@

I'm in such a rush now that I can't retype it all which I'm really sorry for but I will be back to blogging often asap :) In the meantime please follow me on twitter  - @theccollection. LOVE twitter - if only blogger had phone app!

Mucho Love xoxox

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Another ring, another day

I know I only just posted a haul that included two new rings but I saw this one the other day and fell in love! Its like a bunch of gem flowers on a ring aha. My camera decided the flash would be extra bright for it  - sorry! I also love how its cos a younger feel too it, feels a bit disney-esque paha. Goes beautifully with my pastel purple nails too :) ignore my hand and focus on the ring haa!

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Friday, 17 February 2012

Purple Rain

So this purple inspired post was actually just an excuse to show you my new nail varnish! It is such a gorgeous pastel perfect, it's perfect for the forthcoming summer trend :) It's a much stronger pastel perfect in real life but the flash doesn't work in its favour lool. So back to the actual nail varnish - it's 17's Lasting Fix in Woo Me. I actually bought this colour after it was reviewed in Look and saying how chip resistent it was and I needed a new colour to wear as I've become too addicted to Rimmel's Grey Matter (Seriously Beautiful btw!) I just love how summery I feel and the fact its purpleee eep!

I reeeally wanted to show the nail varnish but I didn't want to have a post just for it, so thought I'd pick three other purple things I'm loving right now! The Clean&Clear Dual Action Moisturiser is amaaaze-ing! My mum's being using it for years but I only used to borrow hers sometimes but now my face is getting drier (booo! It's already sensitive haha) I use it everyday! Love it! So light on the skin and my skin feels really soft after :) Btw the moisturiser isn't purple, it's just in a purple inspired bottle lolz.

I was helping my sister on her project when I found this ribbon on the floor and the colour was beautiful that I decided to find something to use it for! At the moment, I have nothing in mind but might use it as a bag decoration or something. Ideas welcome!

Lastly is the delicious 'Purple Rain' Wetherspoons Cocktail that provided the title for this purple post! I love purple rain and when we go to wetherspoons we often buy thiss :) I don't have a photograph of my own of Purple Rain but I went on the Wetherspoons website and got this one :)

Hope you enjoyed my purple post! xoxoxox

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Mini Haul

No. 7 Stay Perfect Damson Dream / Natural Collection Lipsticks in Rosebud, Biscuit and Sorbet / Mustard Ring / Bead Bracelets / Silver Leaf Ring / March Elle

Here is some photographs of a mini haul I bought the other week. I decided to buy a No. 7 nail varnish after I got a £5 off from Boots :) It makes No. 7 purchases more affordable! I love the colour of Damson Dream, it looks beautiful! I also have a growing obsession with buying lipsticks - dun dun durrrrrrn. Natural Collection is my current favourite as they're relatively cheap and really nourishing. And there's also so many colours! Rosebud is a lovely, pretty pink colour that reminds me of the pastel trend thats hitting the stores ready for spring! Biscuit is a more caramelly/golden colour, and it's such a different colour to my normal ones - love it. It's also good as the lipstick isn't full on brown, it's more hints :) Sorbet is actually a different style of lipstick to the others and is part of the sheer lipsticks collection :) Even though on the photos it looks quite bright and maybe a tad corally/orange its really light on your lips - kinda gives them a lip balm effect! :) pretty much makes them look in much better condition with a tiny hint of colour, love <3

I love rings so much, its another obsession! This mustard ring is so cool - It's quite big and a lovely colour with the ring bit being quite tortosieshelly in colour :) ranging from dark brown to light! I chose some bracelets with similar colours and they're beautiful - look expensive on too! The second ring is so cute and I love it so much! It's like two silver leaves entwined with gems that meet in the middle - perfect for nights out and glamming up an outfit for a meal :)

Lastly, I bought the new Elle magazine which is a monthly must for me! I started in 2010 and it's such a good magazine! I like the designer adverts too as they give me inspiration though unfortunately they do make me want to splash out on the clothes!! aha :)

Hopefully you like my purchases, sorry it was so long since last post - I did them take them the day after just took a while finding the time to upload them :(