Monday, 29 November 2010

A Productive Snow Day?

Ah snow snow snow, you do have your advantages; there's the fact you can have snowball fights and make snowmen with it, it looks pretty outside, reminds you Christmas is coming (26 DAYS!) and if sometimes clogs the roads up and stops buses so we can stay at home YAY. Currently I have experienced all of the above with today being a lovely snow day. :) Instead of the traipsing around in the cold, with a bag full of folders and books and a ton of work to do, I got to come home and change into my comfy clothes and relax on the sofa :) bliss! We put the fire on; I relaxed with my new book, and forgot all about the cold winds outside. I then had my dinner watching a Christmas film :) Christmas really is coming...
I probably should have done some productive work-y type activities but to be honest I didn’t feel like it at all, I was severely suffering from a weather induced mood. But now I thought I should probably do a little bit to make me feel better in myself and less of a procrastinator!
I just thought id fill you all in on my activities; did you have snow today? :)
Enjoy The Snow.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Baggy is Back

I've got to my honest, I’ve never really embraced the baggy top trend; I thought they wouldn’t be very flattering and I just didn’t see the appeal in them. I was bought one a while back and it stayed in my wardrobe for ages, only been brought out when a long black top was needed. But now I understand the style, through experimenting with items in my wardrobe that I didn't wear enough; I know have a "new" wardrobe now. I didn’t just want to be boring and just wear it on its own, as its own statement. I wanted to show how to accessorise it in different ways, to show that it’s not just a baggy top. But a key wardrobe piece if worked correctly. Cue huge chunky beaded necklaces and long cardigans. Alternatively, if you throw on a scarf it makes the look completely different - I’ve made up quite a collection of scarves now :)
So I am now an avid follower and lover of the baggy t-shirts, :) though when I say baggy I don’t mean a mahoosive size top bought so many times bigger than your size that it’s shapeless, but one that is baggy intentionally and has an elastic-y bottom so you have some shape. On the other hand, use a belt to add definition and you’re all sorted.
Just thought I’d share my new like :)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Up and Running Again

Sorry for my disappearance from the world of blogging, I had a mini catastrophe... my laptop broke :( cue depeserate attempts to fix it and try and do all outstanding work on the old computer which fyi is verrrry slow. I felt it was too much of a risk to try blogging on it so stuck to the simple but essential task of meeting work deadlines. I feel like I’ve lived in a bit of a bubble for the week.  - Just spent half an hour skim reading many posts before I read them in more detail later.
I would love to write a longer blog about new likes and dislikes but I need to go get ready for my dance class :) Yay. I may have time to update the blog after, but for how toodles and I’m sorry for the long gap between posts, this will be rectified in the near future when everything’s back on track.
Enjoy the rest of today!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Weekday Blues

Sorry that it’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been a bit run down this week with big projects, the dreaded winter cold and the horrible weather. Boo. But I thought I’d settle down with my lovely laptop and do some quality blogging. Though one of the best bits of having a cold is snuggling up with a blanket, DVD and the newest Elle magazine :) happiness all round! Though they make me craave so many designer fashion items that they feature. New Christian Louboutins, Victoria Beckhams new handbag range and so many more...not forgetting my favourite designer Marc Jacobs! want want want.
Enough with all the fashion wants its making me feel upset seeing as hardly any money and Christmas is calling.
...though on the other hand...YAY Christmas is soooon :) woo. 42 days till the date. Eek. Anyone else excited for Christmas? I reaaally am :D
And then roll on 2011.  Definitely going to stick to my new year’s resolutions this year. :) challenge myself!
I’m going to go and find a new pack of tissues! (:
Enjoy the rest of the weekend xoxoxo

Monday, 8 November 2010

Step Into The Past

Recently I’ve had a growing obsession for two vintage inspired items: the satchel bags and the brogue shoes. I’ve always loved vintangy things but I’ve never really found a trend that I really love this much; sometimes it has been a half hearted acceptance or in some I get the excited fluttery feeling in my stomach. But these items, I have whole heartedly embraced. I just hope they stay in fashion for a few more seasons!
The satchel bag will always have a place in my heart, ranging from the intricate, elaborate designer bags to the high street alternatives. My dream bag would be a designer one, as I think it would last longer and I would feel a more sense of pride through it. strange I know, but hey ho. alternatively, I have at the moment two high street varieties at the moment - and I love them :D both are tan, which I’ve got to say is my favourite colour. I’ve also got into the customizing mode recently, so my newest bag has a ribbon and button creation pinned to it; it is now guaranteed this bag is different from everyone else’s version. The result is happy me!
Brogue shoes. Where to start? When the first surfaced I wasn't a big fan I must admit, I felt they were to manly and that they would look ridiculous on me. So I observed the budding trend from afar. I admired the shoes that fashion trendsetters such as sienna miller, feared cotton and Emma Watson wore, but never thought that I would indulge in it. However here I am, the proud owner of a pair of brogues. :) And I do love them. my version are the grey, canvas variety which have a lovely rose print insoles - so I feel they are still feminine for me whilst still embracing the trend. Next, I hope to find a pair of leather brogues that I will treasure with the same care...but until then I have my own :)
So that's it... my favourite two vintagey fashion essentials at the moment. Just thought I’d share them with you, maybe it will persuade you to invest in them but if not you can begin to admire from afar. Simples :)
Step Into The Past

Friday, 5 November 2010

Little New Blog.

Hellooooooooooo :)
So after umming and aahing about whether to get a blog, I finally succumbed and ta da, here is a beautiful new shiny blog - ready for some posts :) so I don't know if anyone will read this blog (I really hope they do!) but it’s also a chance for me to write about my opinions and interests. My main interests vary widely, including fashion, photography and independent and individual little bits and bobs. :) With this blog I don't aim to take myself too seriously, just a little blog to contribute to the world wide web of blogging!
I’ll try frequently to post, but I can't guarantee how often - so I hope you enjoy reading my posts; I welcome any feedback you may have :)