Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bye Bye 2010

I know there is one more day left of this year but I don’t think I’ll have time to blog this then so I decided to give it a go now. I've seen blogs giving top things about 2010, blogs full of reflection and lessons learnt and blogs that are all wildly excited about new years eve and of course 2011. I suppose by blog could be all of those things. 2010 has been a wake call I feel, I’ve discovered new things that previously I would never have thought to try, found it easier to adapt to the changes that constantly surround me and "grew up" in the way I handle situations. There that's all the reflection
done and dusted. I have exciting plans for 2011 that I hope will succeed and if not help to improve myself and move on. I can sense a number of exciting changes ready to occur in the New Year as well as important milestones that require attention as well as those that need celebration. I don't really know if I could make a list of best things of 2010 as no doubt I’d forget something important during writing them down. Summer 2010, was an amazing period - going abroad with friends, festivals and the little day time trips with the best friends. But then winter hasn't been bad at all, concerts and meals as well as the amazing amount of snow that dropped in for a visit. So really as I think back (sorry I’m reflecting again!) 2010 as been a great year, though obviously still with its hardships and sad moments. Hopefully 2011 will be full of hope, promise and celebration :)
Hope you all have an awesome new years eve and a great new year!
Enjoy yourselves!

Monday, 13 December 2010

It's Mondaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Despite the fact that it's Monday, I have actually had a pretty amazing day that just keeps getting better :) firstly, I am so excited that in this weekend I am going to a concert :D I’m so happy. That just made everything today even better! Today was also a good day for meeting up and talking to friends and still getting some work done. It was actually quite a chilled out day, also not as cold as it has been recently. Result! I have just settled down for a night full of work when I found my lost textbook! It had been lost for two months! I’m so happy now; I don't need to be shouted at when I ask for a new one! :) Yay! Also the fact I’ve been given a box of chocolates as an early Christmas present is making everything even better!
I think I may be a bit too excitable what with the breaking up for Christmas only five days away! I can't wait for Christmas this year for some reason. :) I love it. Another Christmassy reason why today is a good day is that I’ve paid my deposit for my Christmas meal with my friends. I cannot wait for that either! Everything seems to be coming together today :)
Sorry if I’ve babbled on about nothing in particular, I’ve been hit by the Christmas fever!
Hope you have a great week and have amazing Christmas plans!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Mission Accomplished

Today was a great day in terms of I got a lie in and also finished early...result! I woke up, got ready and went to straighten my hair when low and behold it seriously wouldn’t straighten nicely. I really couldn’t be bothered trying to force it straight any longer and decided to go with the childhood staple plaits. I mean these are also making a comeback so it didn't look bad at all! Much better than the bird's nest it would have been!
I finished a lunch, and due to my closeness to town decided to nip in afterwards to get some much needed Christmas presents for my family :) I had mentally compiled a list and set about ticking off presents one by one. I had already gotten a few bits and ideas, and now can say I’ve bought all the presents for my parents and most for everyone else :) so all in all it was a very successful day!!
As well as the regular shops, my two of my best friends and I went to the little Christmas market that was in town. It was beautiful, the crafts were amazing and the food smelt delicious! And you just can't go shopping without buying sometime yourself so I treated myself to a hand painted sign for my room, some lunch and a nice cake in a loovely, quiet coffee shop..Bliss! I read a bit of my book then off it was home with my new purchases and the satisfied feeling that...yes...I had got some Christmas presents! I was, at least, a little prepared for the holidays!
After an exhausting day, I'm now ready to put my feet up and relax for the remainder of the night :)
Hope you've had a good Thursday!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Roll on the Weekend...Minus Ice!

Ice...I'm asking you kindly...please just go away! You're making it so much harder to just walk a few steps! And it's even scarier when you have to drive on ice! Not fun at all! So as much as I loved the snow, the ice is not so good! So pretty please will you clear yourself up and disappear as I have many plans for the coming weeks that do not need the presence of ice too! Firstly, I've got my friend's masquerade birthday party this weekend! Very excited! My mask is beautiful! Well I think it is! And secondly, I'm visiting my family down south - should be a laugh! Oh and I think I’m getting my hair cut :) Any ideas? So this weekend is actually really good compared to last - when we were snowed in and I couldn’t meet up with anyone!
Hope you've all planned a lovely weekend!
Speak soon!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Monday Monday Monday...

Finally I can relax! Today has dragged on a lot, making my head hurt from all the work. As you probably have gathered I am no longer tucked up at home, as the snow has decided to stop falling but still remain on the ground! That’s not really the bad bit though, yes it would be nice if it was a bit warmer and the snow was proper snow and not compacted together, but the main problem is the new presence of ice! I mean do they really want to make every little walk hazardous?! During my free and lunch I walked down the road (hill) with my friends for lunch... a normal, easy task now made difficult by the pavements being a continual layer of ice. Very slippery! We walked on the edge of the ice, on the snow if we could just to prevent any risk of falling over. My friend wasn't so lucky, down she went, slipping down the pavement. I know I shouldn't have but I was in stitches laughing! I couldn't move for laughing! Luckily she found it funny too!
Well anyway, the reason my head is hurting is that after a week of no work, any little task suddenly seems like Mount Everest - impossible to the beginner! I am currently in the process of writing an essay tomorrow, not happy times. I am focusing on my warm pyjamas, curled in front of the television and fire to keep me going. And maybe a box of Jaffa cakes while I’m at it!
Hope you've all had a good Monday! Enjoy the rest of the week!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Hello There Personal Style..

I was reading some posts from my favourite blogs, when Fashion Cappuccino's 'What's your signature?' made me think, what actually is my signature? When it comes to style, to me a single word leaps out: cardigans. Not necessarily baggy, woolly concoctions that are reminiscent of the past, but also thin, long cardies that are ideal for throwing on top of your favourite outfit, first for warmth and second for finishing your look. yes, the more I thought about it, the more I realised yes cardigans are my style signature; my friends would all agree that I have quite a collection, so that's it, isn't it? That’s my signature?

But when I delved deeper into what I would class as my own 'individual style' that immediately makes people think of me, I realised that it's not just about the clothes you wear it's about how you wear them. I don't simply follow the fashion trends just for the sake of being considered "fashionable" but also because I think they represent me. Yes, I admit, to style yourself with the current trends alone does make you feel stylish, but every key piece needs to be reworked a little to reflect yourself. Otherwise you'll just fade into the background of the "followers" when really it's you that should be your own leader! When it comes to clothes, my favourite individual twist is my choice of accessories. A personal accessories signature for me is my love of statement rings along with cute, kooky, individual necklaces; together I think these sum up my "signature". I love flower inspired rings and necklaces that pay tribute to the themes of love, folklore and pieces that scream "handmade" - something that no one else has, but me. So to me, my signature is not a certain piece but the way in which I style myself to reflect my personality.

But I can't just say that I don't entirely have signature pieces, as I have listed several above, but just that along with these items my signature is to style myself according to my personality and not to copy the rest.

Enjoy xxxx

P.S. Also, just to let you know, a few more of my 'signature' pieces are converse all stars, satchel bags, pretty little headbands, a splash of ribbons and buttons and long scarves... who said you can't have signature pieces as well as a signature look ;) ha-ha.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A White December?

Today is the first of December and there is a lot of snow on the ground! The snow has kept falling all day and is the beautiful not-been-touched snow in places. Bliss. The whole of my area and the nearby city has stood to a standstill; the snow is so deep! Up to the waist in areas! This provides a whole lot of problems - people can't leave their driveway, buses stop working and the only way to get places is to walk through knee high snow at the lowest. But, at the same time this provides lots of fun... snowball fights, snow angels, building snowmen and burying things in the snow; great fun. Yes, the snow does have a way of making me feel like a little child again...I love it!
Today, we had to trek to the shops to buy food and supplies. It was greeat fun - we joined the masses to walk along the abandoned roads, with bag packs and reusable bags ready for the journey back with the goods!
Also the fact it's the first of December brings a whole load of excitement... I mean it's only 24 days till Christmas! Giddiness overload. I may just have to go calm down by thinking of all the presents I have left to buy...oops!
as you may have gathered I’m still at home, and not having to find a safe way to get anywhere, means work has taken the I really need to spend all this time off working?! I think not. And anyways I’ve definitely got tomorrow off anyway so what's the rush?
I’m now off to wallow in my smugness of a near week at home relaxing...bye bye