Monday, 28 February 2011

I don't feel like dancing

Today has been amazing :) loovely retail therapy with my best friends! they really know how to cheer me up! bought a looovely scarf from priiimark today and it's beautiful. It's quite large, shawl like really but I fold mine into a scarf :) I also bought some foundation today, my first ever. might seem a bit silly but I've really never felt the need to buy any haha. I know some girls love it but I was fine with my tinted moistoriser! haha.
So any way in regards to the blog title, I'm super tired at the moment but I thought I'd check my blog updates and do a little blog post :) Also bought a lovely cup of tea today  as it was freezing cold! I sound like an old woman but I'm just rediscovering my love of tea. I liked it when i was younger but went off it cos it was a bit samely. Now it's perfect when I'm out in the cold!
Also I'm sorry for the super small writing yesterday :/ I must have accidently changed it without realising! Back to normal now though. Thanks to Fashion Cappuccino for pointing that out to me :)
Would like to give a big shout out also to my first and only follower Rose Esprit :) I logged on this morning and it said "one follower" I was so happy I think I just sat here with a ridiculous grin on my face. So thank youu for making my day! :) Your blog is so cuteeee! Love it.
Better be off now, last day of the holidays tomorrow..I'm thinking loveely long lie in :)
Hope you all enjoyed your mondaay! xoxoxoxo

Friday, 25 February 2011

i can feel it in my fingers

Woah I'm posting two days in a row, it feels good. :) I know it's late but I thought I'd write a post so I can try blog daily. Ahh don't you just love the feeling of pvc drying on your fingers? No, I'm not going crazy I just decided to embrace some creativity today! I pulled out the stack of magazines that had been piling up under the pretence that I would read them again! I haven't! There were some from summer 2009 - that definetly urged me to put them to better use. Cue a night of cutting out cute sayings, timeless fashion and favourite articles. :) love it! I might make a poster with them all on. hmmm. Also I loved reading the "hot" stories from two years ago, was funny reading their predictions about what they believed would happen and whether they had done!
I spent today shopping, shopping, shopping :) it was bliss! Though I still have mountains of work to do :/ not good! Ahh well, I'll get in done - still got few days off :) YAY!
Tomorrow I'm out all day in town and hopefully I'll be meeting up with my friend that I haven't seen since last week! aha.
Currently thinking of a "signature" to put on the bottom of my blog - these are popular with some blogs but I couldn't decide whether I just follow with this. So I've decided to think of some designs and maybe trial them on a few blog posts and see if I like them :)
I'm so excited it's the weekend! Roll on the good times!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

dancing on my own

Ok ok ok I did think being on holiday would let me blog everyday but honestly I have just not found the time. I'm really sorry but I will try and blog daily from now; if not every day maybe every two days :) Monday was a blur, it was just a day for chillaxing and forgetting about work and exams. Yesterday, I went shopping with the family and bought some storage boxes for my bedroom and some photo frames for pictures from my holidays.
Sorry for the shortness of this post, I just haven't really done anything that interesting or bought anything that I thought you'd like to know about :)
Also you might have noticed that I've changed the fonts on the title and date etc, I just felt I needed to make my blog more "pretty". Even though it's still not that nice, it will motivate me to finally sort out the header! I'm thinking a black and white photo :)
Hope you're all having an amazing week! xoxoxoxo

Sunday, 20 February 2011

let us forget about the bad times

Short and sweet post today just to say I am so excited that it's the holidays. Proper needed a break too. Haven't got many concrete plans as of yet but hopefully it'll be the perfect time to go out with friends and get some shopping done. Also it might give me more time for blogging - maybe a post a day ;) haha.
One thing I would love to buy this week is some bright red lipstick. It's such a staple but I never knew if I would be able to pull it off. After much ooming and ahhing I've decided to go for it, just need to find a shade that I like now!
Hope you all have amazing plans for this week! xoxoxoxo