Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Primark Hauuuuul

Hello loveliees :)

Here is my primarrk haul from early last week :) I didn't buy much but I wanted to do a post cos you know :L haha

I love this top like super much :D its so pretty and floaty and girly! I wanted one for ages but I didnt want to send a lot in case they didnt suit me. *TA DA* off to primark I went and baam beautiful top for a reaally reasonable price :) Its a pale pink colour and sheer (: don't worry I wore a black vest top underneath so no exposure ;) hahahahaha! I wore this out on a night out so I'll do a seperate post for that soon. I loved this top so much I bought it in cream and I think it looks totally different when worn in the "same" outfit haha waa :)

This bow was not much at all and the pretty flowery detail was calling out to me! haha! I haven't worn it yet but I think I might put it on a bag for a customised kitsh look :) <3

The ring is actually quite big! It's quite attention grabbing cos its so big haha :D I love this turqiouse colour so summery yet is not full pow summer that if it was cloudy I'd love ridic :L haha! I'm such an overanalyser seriously.

Well anyways I did say I'd post this yesterday but I was tired so I did it tonight :)
Hope you all had a great bank holiday day/weekend?
Loveee xox