Friday, 17 February 2012

Purple Rain

So this purple inspired post was actually just an excuse to show you my new nail varnish! It is such a gorgeous pastel perfect, it's perfect for the forthcoming summer trend :) It's a much stronger pastel perfect in real life but the flash doesn't work in its favour lool. So back to the actual nail varnish - it's 17's Lasting Fix in Woo Me. I actually bought this colour after it was reviewed in Look and saying how chip resistent it was and I needed a new colour to wear as I've become too addicted to Rimmel's Grey Matter (Seriously Beautiful btw!) I just love how summery I feel and the fact its purpleee eep!

I reeeally wanted to show the nail varnish but I didn't want to have a post just for it, so thought I'd pick three other purple things I'm loving right now! The Clean&Clear Dual Action Moisturiser is amaaaze-ing! My mum's being using it for years but I only used to borrow hers sometimes but now my face is getting drier (booo! It's already sensitive haha) I use it everyday! Love it! So light on the skin and my skin feels really soft after :) Btw the moisturiser isn't purple, it's just in a purple inspired bottle lolz.

I was helping my sister on her project when I found this ribbon on the floor and the colour was beautiful that I decided to find something to use it for! At the moment, I have nothing in mind but might use it as a bag decoration or something. Ideas welcome!

Lastly is the delicious 'Purple Rain' Wetherspoons Cocktail that provided the title for this purple post! I love purple rain and when we go to wetherspoons we often buy thiss :) I don't have a photograph of my own of Purple Rain but I went on the Wetherspoons website and got this one :)

Hope you enjoyed my purple post! xoxoxox

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