Sunday, 1 July 2012

Union Jack Nails

Sorry for the massive blogging break due to revision, exams, assignments and basically no time. This post is a different style to normal and really should have been posted when they were still current, aah well.  I love painted nails and  I have always been interested in nail art so as it was the Diamond Jubilee last week I decided to try something quite advanced - the Union Jack. I have done nail art before including flowers and paw prints (for my sister!). I 'm soo pleased with how they turned out, I love them! I tried them out first on my sisters much smaller nails and I loved how they looked so decided to take a risk and do my own. The risk paid off for me! I felt all British and Jubileeish!  It was hard and simple to do at the same time - I used a deep blue base coat and then painted a horizontal, vertical and two diagonal lines in a white. This created the borderlines of the flag. Then was the final red lines to complete it :)  Do you like my nails? Would you ever try to do them? I think I'm going to do them when it's the Olympics too!  Hope you've had a great week! xxxx


  1. I love them! You've done them so neatly too, mine would be a mess if I tried this.